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We are a small program located on the border of Alberta & Saskatchewan. We show in Conformation, participate in many different Dog Sports and we spend a lot of time honestly just enjoying our dogs as the beautiful, loving, and loyal companions that they are.


We own the most health tested dogs for our breed and are very proud to have done the first two (and only) Excellent to Excellent OFA Hip breeding's for our breed as well.

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43 Titles Earned


12 Titles Earned

9 Titles Earned

22 Titles Earned

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We hear these words often from well-intentioned buyers while searching for the perfect puppy to bring into their home. They don't need a puppy from a breeder that takes their role seriously, they just want a pet


Think about your future breeder like a contractor that you entrust to build your next home. Would you be okay with your contractor skipping steps, inspections, and protocols? Would you accept their excuses as to why they don't do it? Would you be pleased to see that the foundation of your house was uneven and patchy, and none of the finishing's lined up quite right, resulting in repairs needing to be done much sooner than normal? Since your house won't be a show home, all you need is a house, right?

How about if you compare your future breeder to a car dealer? Would you be okay with them refusing to inspect their vehicles, not doing necessary repairs/maintenance, and rather than keeping track of common issues popping up in certain models, they turn a blind eye and sweep it under the rug? Since you aren't a race car driver or involved in car shows, all you need is a car, right?

Can you see now how this method of thinking is problematic now? Responsible breeders place most of their puppies in pet homes. I personally tend to place about 80% or more of our puppies in pet homes that "just want a pet" and have no desire to be involved in competing or breeding. The owners who "just want a pet" deserve to get that pet from a breeder who cares about the dogs they produce by extensively health testing and titling parent dogs, researching pedigrees, and takes puppy raising seriously. This is a big commitment - 10+ years hopefully - and it's worth the wait for the right breeder!


If you are still not convinced that this stuff is important, that's okay! But if that is the case, I heavily encourage you to look a little harder at responsible rescues and shelters before supporting an irresponsible breeder.

To learn more about Responsible Breeding Practices, click here.

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This is so much more than just bringing our dogs to the vet for their annual check up.  ALL breeding dogs in any responsibly run program should be fully health tested for the conditions known to affect the breed, no exceptions.

Learn more here.

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High vs Low Impact Exercise - What does it mean and why does it matter?

Healthy Weights & Canine Obesity - Weight charts & tips on keeping your pet healthy

Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Explained - What does it look like, what causes it & how do we prevent it?

Overheating - Learn how to prevent it, know the signs & what to do to potentially save your dog's life

Dog Attacks/Fights - Learn how to keep yourself & your pup safe, as well as the FASTEST way to break it up.

  • Detailed Contract to Protect the Puppy & New Owner - Pet Home, Co-Own, etc. Learn more here.

  • LIFETIME Breeder Support

    • We will take the puppy back at any point throughout it's life, for any reason.​

  • LIFETIME Training Support 

    • We will be available for the lifetime of your puppy to assist you with any training questions or help you may need. From working on issues, to working on tricks, to general questions about how to work on obedience or start sports - we will always be here via text, phone call, email or video chat. ​​

  • LIFETIME Genetic Disease Health Guarantee

    • We guarantee your puppy to not be affected by any of the 160+ testable Genetic Diseases. 

  • HIP, ELBOW & CARDIAC Health Guarantee (2 Years)​​​

  • CANCER Health Guarantee (5 Years)

  • Age Appropriate Shots/Vaccines

    • We run a Titer Nomograph​ test on the Dam to get a very clear picture of when your puppy can best receive Vaccines, as well as when their "high risk" periods are for potentially picking something up. 

  • Binder with Records & Information

    • Our Puppy Binders are organized into sections containing Parents Registration Information, Health Test Results and Current Titles with write ups explaining each. We also include information on Diets, Training, Dog Sports & of course we include a copy of your Contract and all of your Puppy's Medical Records.

  • 30 Days of Trupanion Pet Insurance 

  • OFA Cardiac Preliminary Exam & Health Certificate at 8-9 weeks of age

  • APET Temperament Evaluation

    • Includes a full write up, explanation & training recommendations regarding your puppy. This is extremely valuable information for you as an owner - it takes all the guess work out of navigating your puppy's personality and temperament to see what works best for them. 

  • Microchip & Tag

  • Size Appropriate Crate/Kennel

    • That they have already been desensitized to and will be used to sleeping in at night and for trips in the vehicle.

  • ​Blanket or Bed (whichever your puppy prefers)​

  • Your Puppy's Favorite Toys (3+) & Chews (3+)

  • 1 Week+ Portion of their Current Diet

  • Adjustable Nylon Collar

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