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Want to fact check a breeder or want to just do some research for fun? Here is a quick tutorial on how to navigate the OFA Database with ease.



1. Go to the OFA website by clicking here. (

2. If you know part of the dog's registered name OR the Kennel Prefix for the line of dogs you are searching for, you can input it here.

(Top right orange box on homepage)


3. For this example we will be using one of our dogs with the registered name "Black Willow of BCBullies".

(Typically, you can get away with just putting in a few parts of the name like the "BCBullies" that we use as prefix for the dogs we have created, or we could input "BCBullies Willow" since we know that is our kennel tag and we know that Willow is part of the registered name)


4. Click on the bold name on the left to view the dog's individual OFA Profile.

(If you search "BCBullies", you will see multiple dogs come up and you can choose which specific dog you want to look at from the list. If you search "BCBullies Willow" which is more keyed towards a specific dog and more likely to only produce one dog in the search results, it will show all of the OFA results that are in the database for that specific dog.)

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