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This pretty girl is our "pick puppy" off of an outside breeding with Night Court Bullies that we hope will help to move our program forward down the road. This girl is about as close to a female "Woodsie" as I have seen so far in both body and mind. Everything I love about Woodsie is packed into this little nugget and I have no doubt that she will be an easy going, but enthusiastic dabbler dog just like her sire.

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This is a puppy from an outside breeding we did with Woodsie and Valkyrie owned by Night Court Bullies. They are both wonderful, enthusiastic companions and her temperament evaluation reveals she will follow closely in Woodsie's shoes. Woodsie has had extensive health testing and currently boasts a total of 46 earned titles, including 7 champion level titles, in Conformation, Rally Obedience, Weight Pull, Barn Hunt, Trick Dog, and more! You can learn more about Woodsie here.

Her temperament evaluation revealed that she is lower energy, and appropriate with both humans and dogs. She naturally offers a lot of eye contact, has a TON of patience and is very stable - it takes a lot to bother her! She is resilient and forgiving with very high self confidence and courage. She has a ton of enthusiasm to work for treats. She will be a super cool little dog and I'm so excited for her future!


     to protect the puppy & new owner. Pet Home, Co-Own, etc. Learn more here.


     we will take the puppy back at any point throughout it's life, for any reason.


     we will assist you with any basic training or problem-solving help you may

     need for the lifetime of the dog. We want you to succeed!


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The last thing we want is a freak accident occurring shortly after sending a puppy off to their new home, and leaving their new owner with a massive bill on top of all the stress associated with having a sick or injured pet - which is why we have partnered with Trupanion.


Every puppy goes home with 30 Days of FREE Pet Insurance. Your new family member will receive immediate coverage from the time they leave our door with up to 90% coverage and zero payout limits!



Woodsie x Valkyrie


& APET Temperament Evaluation


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Pet Insurance


Basics & Pricing

Every puppy that we create is sold with a legally binding contract. This is primarily to protect the puppy for the remainder of it's life, but it also sets the expectations of both the breeder and buyer so that there are no discrepancies later on.

Every contract includes Lifetime Breeder Support. This means that we will take the puppy back at any point throughout it's lifetime should the owner be unable to care for it for any reason, and we will facilitate the rehoming process. This is not a courtesy, but a requirement. This is to prevent any puppies we create from ending up in bad homes, shelters, or rescues.

Every contract includes the exact same Health Guarantee. Some breeders only offer health guarantees on dogs slotted to be breeding candidates, but we feel that every home and every puppy deserves a guarantee. This is not a guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen, but a guarantee that we will do our best to make it right if things go south.


This puppy is available on a co-own contract. This means that we, the breeder, retain full or partial breeding rights to the puppy. The new owner can be as involved or uninvolved as they want in the breeding process. Each co-ownership agreement is unique and tailored to fit each home's wants/needs. There are health testing, titling, and general ethics requirements that may be fulfilled by the Breeder, Owner, or both.

This is how we keep our breeding program alive for generations to come - we personally value keeping our dogs in our home as our pets (we don't rehome as soon as they are done breeding), which means we must find great homes for the puppies that we think could help shape our program's future in the right direction.

Co-Own is a wonderful opportunity for someone who wants to get into responsibly breeding American Bullies but doesn't know where to start and wants a mentor OR for owners that just want a wonderful pet and take pride in helping us get closer to our goal by allowing us to occasionally borrow their dog for extensive health testing, training/titling, and possibly breeding down the road.

$3,000 USD


ALL Owners from every type of ownership agreement are encouraged to get involved in sports & shows with their dogs! It is a great avenue to bond with your pet.  There is no additional fee/stipulation that comes along with someone wanting to show or compete with their dog in any way. We will do our best to help coach and help you along whatever path you choose to take with your dog - from sharing knowledge we have about training the sport competitively with our own dogs, putting you in touch with trainers in the area, or finding local events/clubs to get involved with. We want to see our puppies out doing things!

Learn more about Canine Sports here.