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Ready in November 2023!

This pretty girl is our "pick puppy" off of an outside breeding with Night Court Bullies that we hope will help to move our program forward down the road. This girl is about as close to a female "Woodsie" as I have seen so far in both body and mind. Everything I love about Woodsie is packed into this little nugget and I have no doubt that she will be an easy going, but enthusiastic dabbler dog just like her sire.

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Marble Surface

This is a puppy from an outside breeding we did with Woodsie and Valkyrie owned by Night Court Bullies. They are both wonderful, enthusiastic companions and her temperament evaluation reveals she will follow closely in Woodsie's shoes. Woodsie has had extensive health testing and currently boasts a total of 46 earned titles, including 7 champion level titles, in Conformation, Rally Obedience, Weight Pull, Barn Hunt, Trick Dog, and more! You can learn more about Woodsie here.

Her temperament evaluation revealed that she is lower energy, and appropriate with both humans and dogs. She naturally offers a lot of eye contact, has a TON of patience and is very stable - it takes a lot to bother her! She is resilient and forgiving with very high self confidence and courage. She has no real natural desire to work for toys but she has a ton of enthusiasm to work for treats. She will be a super cool little dog and I'm so excited for her future!

EDIT TO ADD: Since getting to know this puppy, she does have the desire to chase and play with toys, and will play fetch (though not super consistently). She is very appropriate when greeting new dogs, but will play as hard as they allow once she's comfortable. She has been spending her days playing "office puppy" at work with me, visiting stores, and meeting people and animals of all shapes and sizes. She has been extremely appropriate so far and I have yet to find anything that bothers her. She walks through sliding doors, past loud carts, and checks out brand new areas with pep in her step and a happy tail. She naturally offers a lot of "check ins" with her handler and has gotten into the habit of doing brief greetings with new people and then coming back to me and sitting for a treat. She learns very quickly, has been great for potty training, and is wonderful in the kennel for naps, bedtime and travelling.