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Ready to go Home: February 9, 2020 or later

(10+ weeks of age)



The purpose of this breeding is to try to cement some great qualities into our "foundation" puppies. This is the beginning of our program and we have very specific goals in mind. This litter is all about solid temperaments, health, and function. American Bullies as a breed are currently only passing hips & elbows at less than 50%. That is terrifying! We want to make sure that we are creating healthy dogs first and foremost (with great temperaments that are structurally sound, of course). American Bullies by definition are supposed to be able to excel in sports - how is that possible if half of the dogs being tested have Hip AND Elbow Dysplasia? There is also an issue with Cardiac problems within the breed, though the breed statistics are not as accurate due to people not sending in the failed results to OFA to record keep. This is a big driving force behind why we have committed to health testing ALL of the puppies we create at Border City Bullies. We want to know exactly what we are creating, and there is no way to know without testing. All of our puppies will have their hips & elbows x-rayed and evaluated at 24+ months of age, as well as be viewed by a Cardiologist to check their cardiac health. No one has ever done this before with an entire litter of American Bullies, but this is a great way for us to hold ourselves accountable for what we are creating and it will also give us a really good indication of exactly what is going on with our bloodlines and our breed.



Woodsie is a square, functional, extremely confident and very willing dog with a super kind personality. He is extremely strong both mentally and physically, and has a lot of presence to him. Kali is finer boned, extremely athletic, very agile and she too has a very confident and willing personality. She definitely has more of a work ethic than Woodsie, though they are both have no issues working all day and no complaints if all they do is nap & cuddle for days at a time. Every little flaw that Woodsie has, Kali counters perfectly and vice versa. Both parents have been involved in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Barn Hunt, Weight Pull, Conformation, and multiple types of Companion Testing.  This is a wonderful pairing of healthy, functional, mentally stable American Bullies and we are so excited for the future homes that get to be a part of this!


We expect this litter of puppies to mature to about 17-19" at the shoulder with a mature weight of about 55-60lbs. We have a beautiful litter of blue seal and sable colored puppies with unique white markings. One of the big things we are super excited about for this litter is going to be their versatility - these pups will do great on a couch or out doing sports. Ideally, we would love to see 1-2 of these puppies go to pet homes that are open to trying out sports in the future. We are ecstatic to know that we are producing puppies that are the best of both worlds of their parents with a high drive to please. All five of the puppies have very pleasant temperaments with impressive front and rear angulation - we are very interested to see where there are at during their 8 week evaluations. It is a tight race right now!


Registered Names have not been submitted yet, and we are open to better (funnier) ideas!


Call Name: Maple

Registered Name Idea: BCBullies Maple My Syrup

Gender: Female

Color: Sable with White Markings

Personality (so far): Maple is a super big sweet heart, and I absolutely adore her color! She loves to cuddle, and is one of the best at "manding" for attention for now (figured out quickly that if she sits, she gets attention) so she is often found sitting quietly while the others are being crazy. She is very playful and enjoys playing with Mom or her litter mates.
Now Resides In: Washington, USA


Call Name: Loonie

Registered Name Idea: BCBullies Loonie Toonie

Gender: Female

Color: Blue Seal with White Markings

Personality (so far): Loonie is one of the more confident puppies and is a bit of a brute. She was the biggest one since birth and it shows! She is pretty unbothered by the rest of the puppies and you can often find her entertaining herself with the chirping cat tree that we have. She is a little calmer every day and I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up being the lowest energy out of everyone by their 8 week evaluation.
Now Resides in: California, USA


Call Name: Timbit

Registered Name Idea: BCBullies Glaze My Timbit

Gender: Female

Color: Blue Seal with White Markings

Personality (so far): Timbit received her name because she was the smallest of the litter upon birth, and she has continued to mature being the most compact puppy out of the litter. She has a feisty spirit and doesn't let her size keep her from getting what she wants! She loves to tug & we often watch her on the camera entertaining herself by tugging or bothering her litter mates. She is also the queen of zoomies & bouncing around.
Now Resides In: New York, USA


Call Name: Sorry

Registered Name Idea: BCBullies I'm Friggin Sorry, Eh

Gender: Female

Color: Blue Seal with White Markings

Personality (so far): Sorry is one of the biggest love bugs in the litter - she is most content when cuddled up with us. She does have bursts of energy though and enjoys playing with her litter mates. She is not afraid to stand up for herself with them either! I personally love that she doesn't have any white on her face - she reminds me of Woodsie in more ways than one. 
Now Resides In: Connecticut, USA


Call Name: Moose

Registered Name Idea: BCBullies Moose On The Loose

Gender: Male

Color: Blue Seal with White Markings

Personality (so far): Moose is the only male in this litter, so it only seems right that he is also the most dramatic! He is a huge suck and demands attention. He is quite the character and is always making us laugh with his silly/crazy antics. He is regularly found hanging out by himself or on occasion he will go and bug one of his sisters for the fun of it to entice them to play.
Now Resides In: New Jersey, USA


At Border City Bullies we take our puppy rearing job very seriously! There are so many different things that you can do with your puppies before they go home at 9-10 weeks of age that will set them up for a brighter, better future. 

We currently use the Puppy Culture and Avidog programs. Our puppies start ENS (early neurological stimulation) from birth and are exposed to everything we can thing of!

When you get a puppy from Border City Bullies, you can expect your puppy to be familiar with:

  • Sit on Command

  • Recall from a Distance & Out of Sight

  • Kennel for Night

  • Basics of Potty Training

  • Walk on Leash

  • Hand Luring (makes training tricks in the future a breeze!)

  • Impulse Control

  • Bite Inhibition

  • Grooming & Bathing

  • Nail Trims - both Clippers & Dremel

  • Stand (Stack) for Exam


You take home more than just a puppy, that is for sure! Here is a list of what to expect if you end up getting a puppy from Border City Bullies:

  • Detailed Contract to Protect the Puppy - Pet Home, Co-Own, etc.

  • LIFETIME Breeder Support

    • We will take the puppy back at any point throughout it's life, for any reason.​

  • LIFETIME Training Support 

    • We will be available for the lifetime of your puppy to assist you with any training questions or help you may need. From working on issues, to working on tricks, to general questions about how to work on obedience or start sports - we will be here via text, phone call, email or video chat. ​​

  • LIFETIME Health Guarantee

    • We guarantee your puppy to not be affected by any of the 160+ testable Genetic Diseases. Including but not limited to: Canine Multifocal RetinopathyDegenerative MyleopathyHereditary Cataracts, Early-Onset Cataracts, Juvenile CataractsNeuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 1, Cerebellar Ataxia (NCL-A)Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 10Progressive Retinal AtrophyMalignant HyperthermiaHyperuricosuria & Hyperuricemia or Urolithiasis

  • HIP, ELBOW & CARDIAC Health Guarantee (2 Years)​​

  • Age Appropriate Shots/Vaccines

    • We run a Titer Nomograph​ test to get a very clear picture of when your puppy can best receive Vaccines, as well as when their "high risk" periods are for potentially picking something up. This is super valuable information! For this specific litter, the Nomograph results indicate that they will not be receptive to Vaccines until 9 weeks of age, with a booster to be done at 13 weeks of age. Scroll below to see a copy of the Nomograph for this specific litter.

  • FREE Health Testing when Age Appropriate

    • We will pay to have your puppy's Hips & Elbows X-Rayed and submitted to OFA for evaluation, as well as seen by a Cardiologist or Practitioner for an OFA Cardiac Exam.​ These tests will be performed at your local OFA Certified Veterinarian at 24+ months of age.

  • Binder with Records & Information

    • Our Puppy Binders are organized into sections containing Parents Registration Information, Health Test Results, and Current Titles with write ups explaining each. We also include information on Diets, Training, Dog Sports & of course we include a copy of your Contract and all of your Puppy's Medical Records.

  • 30 Days of Trupanion Pet Insurance 

  • OFA Cardiac Preliminary Exam & Health Certificate at 8-9 weeks of age

  • APET Temperament Evaluation

    • Includes a full write up, explanation & training recommendations regarding your specific puppy

  • Microchip & Tag

  • Size Appropriate Crate/Kennel

  • ​Blanket or Bed (whichever your puppy prefers)​

  • Your Puppy's Favorite Toys (3+) & Chews (3+)

  • 1 Week Portion of their Current Diet

  • Adjustable Nylon Collar




These are photos from this specific litter in their current living conditions.

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