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Black Willow of BCBullies ATD TDCOVID-19H  

BORN: AUGUST 17, 2020

Ready to go Home: OCTOBER 26 or later

(10+ weeks of age)



The purpose of this breeding is to try to cement some great qualities into our "foundation" puppies. This litter is all about solid temperaments, health, and function. We expect this litter to be extremely athletic and willing, but also very versatile in the way that they can go all day or lounge all day with no complaints one way or the other. We want this litter to check all of the boxes, and we have very high hopes that it will! 

Woodsie x Willow Banner
Willow x Woodsie Banner FINAL


Woodsie is a square, functional, extremely confident and very willing dog with a super kind personality. He is extremely strong both mentally and physically, and has a lot of presence to him. Willow is taller, a touch finer boned, extremely athletic, very agile and she too has a confident and willing personality. They both have no issues working all day and zero complaints if all they do is nap & cuddle for days at a time. Structurally these two counter each other's flaws very well. Both parents have been involved in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Dock Dive, Barn Hunt and Weight Pull. Woodsie is also a Conformation Champion & has been involved in multiple forms of Companion Testing - Willow will be adding these to her resume as well, but COVID threw a wrench in our plans! This is a wonderful pairing of healthy, functional, mentally stable American Bullies and we are so excited for the future homes that get to be a part of this!



We expect this litter of puppies to mature to about 17-20" at the shoulder with a mature weight of about 55-65lbs. We imagine they will look like body builders with minimal effort just like both of their parents, while having the temperaments to excel in most households with ease. One of the big things we are super excited about for this litter is going to be their versatility - these pups will do great on a couch or out doing sports. We expect to see lots of confidence and "happy go lucky" goofy type attitudes paired with being extremely biddable and an intense drive to please their handler. Ideally, we would love to see 1-2 of these puppies go to pet homes that are open to trying out sports in the future. We are ecstatic to know that we are likely producing puppies that are the best of both worlds of their parents with a high drive to please.  We will update this page once the puppies have been born & as they mature!


Details about everything from puppy rearing, to registration, to what you take home with your puppy at drop off!


Applications are CLOSED for this Litter, Thank You for your Interest!

We do have Future Plans for each of our adult dogs (Woodsie, Willow & Kali) in the next 12-24 months - be sure to submit for a Puppy Application if you know that you want a puppy from us in the future. 


Registered Names have not been submitted yet, and we are open to funny ideas!
Personality traits noted are direct quotes from their APET Temperament Evaluations that were conducted, observed & reported by 3rd party individuals.

Call Name: Molson

Registered Name Idea: BCBullies ???

Gender: Male

Color: Black Seal with White Markings

Personality: Molson is a medium energy guy who loves food and wants to learn from his person. He is very dialed in to his family & prefers teamwork instead of demanding center stage. He has excellent patience, high intelligence, and a fun personality. 

Call Name: Hennessy

Registered Name Idea: BCBullies ???

Gender: Female

Color: Blue Seal with White Markings

Personality: Hennessy is a confident and stable girl who has little hesitation on trying new things, and is very clever. She is an ideal candidate for any sporting goals her owner may have - she is excited about working with her person, but can get bored quickly when not engaged. She is bold & confident, yet underneath is a tender heart.

Call Name: Royal

Registered Name Idea: BCBullies ???

Gender: Female

Color: Blue Seal with White Markings

Personality: Royal is the perfect name for this little queen! She is very clever & prefers to be working with her people, although new subjects are always welcome to apply. She is stable and resilient; she recovers from stress easily with minimum support from her humans.

Call Name: Tito

Registered Name Idea: BCBullies ???

Gender: Male

Color: Blue Fawn with White Markings

Personality: Tito is a middle of the road kind of guy who is very stable and confident. Not much should concern him - he adapts to change with relative ease & is fundamentally drawn to people. Everything about him can be summed up to moderate which means extreme is not part of his vocabulary.

Call Name: Kahlua

Registered Name Idea: BCBullies ???

Gender: Female

Color: Black Seal with White Markings

Personality: Kahlua is a confident and stable girl who is ready to take on the world. She has little hesitation on trying new things and is very clever. She is very focused on her human and would like to stay engaged with them pretty much full time. She is an ideal candidate for any sporting goals her handler may have.

Call Name: Goose

Registered Name Idea: BCBullies ???

Gender: Male

Color: Black Seal with White Markings

Personality: Goose is an easy going guy that loves to sit back, relax, and mind his own business. He has only one true love in this world - FOOD. Other than that, pretty much nothing gets him overly excited or nervous. He is calm & appropriate in his interactions, and not demanding of attention from his people - he can happily entertain himself.




Willow's test indicates that this litter of puppies will block their first set of vaccines that they receive in our care at 8.5 weeks of age, and that it is recommended they be done again at 13 & 16 weeks of age to properly receive the vaccinations. 

Black Willow of BCBullies DNA-P, SPOT CGN DN ATD TD-19H CCF1 CASP MASP



This will be Willow's final time raising puppies for us, which is called a retirement breeding


Willow is one of the few bullies to have OFA Excellent rated Hips, and has passed every other test that we have thrown her way. She also finished 3rd overall for the 2020 Season in our Region on Wheels & earned herself an invitation to the IWPA Championships. She shows a ton of promise in weight pull. dock dive and lure course. She jumped an average of 9'8" at her first Dock Dive competition, earning herself her Dock Novice title & an Invite to Regionals in one weekend. Willow looks like a body builder and will work her butt off, but in the house is the quietest dog we own and will jump at any opportunity we give her to snuggle...and will gladly do it all day every day if we let her! She is dog/puppy friendly, stranger friendly, kid friendly, and is overall a total pleasure to be around. Learn more about Willow here.

We will release the Stud's information closer to the time that the breeding will take place! He is a health tested and titled in multiple areas.

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