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Border City Bullies offers so much more than just beautiful dogs and quality merchandise. Our core values have been cemented into our program. A big goal of ours is to better the breed community as a whole - we are doing that by educating wherever possible and we choose to lead by example. Our dogs are strong in both mind & body, extremely athletic, fully health tested and titled in multiple avenues. We are constantly striving to do more and do better - we currently own the most health tested dogs for our breed and take the health portion of these dogs very seriously. Our main focus for our program is to create healthy, athletic, structurally sound dogs with bomb proof temperaments. These dogs deserve to be healthy. They deserve to be pain free. They deserve to have a breeder who cares about their quality of life more than their pocketbook. Some breeders focus on the "biggest" and the "baddest" - we focus on just doing right by the dogs. We do science-based puppy rearing protocols, conformation and temperament test all of our litters with heavily qualified individuals, and choose homes that are suitable based on wants, needs and lifestyle.

"There is no such thing as a Perfect Puppy......Just the Perfect Puppy for You."

We have been called "pioneers" in terms of ethics & responsible breeding practices for our breed - a huge compliment and something that we don't take lightly. We have made quite the splash in our breed community in terms of health testing, ethics, and responsible practices... and we don't plan on stopping any time soon.

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Sets Us Apart?

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We are proud Club Members of:

  • ​United Kennel Club (UKC)

  • American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA)

  • American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC)

  • BRC Global Canine Pedigrees (BRCG)



"the Human" of BCB


I have owned horses since the age of 12 and my experience with them has taught me a plethora of life lessons and given me more skills than I can put into words. It built my perseverance to keep going when things get tough (nice way of saying that I fell off more times than I can count but I always got back on) and taught me to not take things too seriously but most importantly - to never judge our success by how we place next to others. It doesn’t matter if we end up first or last in the competition; as long as my horse (or dog) put in a little effort, we go home celebrating with our heads held high. I cheer hard for my competitors - I share my training "secrets" when requested, I snuggle their animal behind the scenes, and I celebrate their successes. I thank my horse community for showing me what great sportsmanship looks like and how to truly enjoy each and every moment with my peers/competitors.

The American Bully breed encompasses everything I could ever want out of a companion animal – athletic, confident, strong, eager to please, and (most importantly) always down for a snuggle. They don’t have hard lines of “must haves” or “must nots” – they can pretty much do anything on any given day and they will be eager and excited as long as they get to spend some time with their human. I love that I can have a competitive sport dog one day and then a total snuggle bug the next when I'm down with a cold.

My journey with American Bullies started in 2014 and at the beginning I honestly never had the intention of being greatly involved with the breed in terms of being a breeder/advocate. Woodsie came into my life with the sole purpose of keeping me company while I was trying to "make my own way" over 1,000km and two provinces away from my friends, family, and everything I've ever known. Even when I was considering letting someone use Woodsie as a stud, I still wasn’t fully committed to making a difference in the breed or creating "my own bloodline." Upon doing research, following trends and watching the American Bully community from a distance, I had had enough. I decided that even if I don't breed very often, even if my dogs are our companions first and foremost, even if we don’t own a kennel set up with 10+ dogs – I WILL make a positive difference in the breed that I hold so near & dear to my heart. These dogs deserve better. The breed deserves better. The unsuspecting owners deserve better. So, I have made it a goal for myself to set the best example I can for the community and help wherever possible. And I must say, it's been a pretty fun adventure so far!


Anissa Shotbolt

Owner: Border City Bullies

President: Prairies United Kennel Club

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach

Animal Actor Evaluator

Stunt Dog Judge

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