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Puppy homes are figured out on an application basis. We do not have this application integrated into our website (yet), but we do have a link for homes to fill out online, or a downloadable PDF format that can either be filled out online or printed and hand written in - scan or take pictures once completed and email it to us!

Even if you are not interested in a current litter, we do advise that you submit an application as early as possible because moving forward, we will be allowing select homes to secure a placement from a specific litter once they have been born. This means that we will be reviewing applications before the puppies are born, so the sooner we get your information the better!

Due to a high volume of applications, please understand that we are doing our best to keep up but that our response time will vary and may be longer than normal. We appreciate your patience and understanding!


& Pricing

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This is our most sought after ownership method and 80% of our puppies leave under this contract. Puppy must be spay/neutered between 24-36 months of age, puppy will NEVER be bred under any circumstances.  Our pet home puppies do not have serious flaws - we just believe that only the top 20% of each litter should have the chance to move forward in a breeding program, while the rest deserve to live their days out being loved unconditionally regardless of their breeding eligibility.

Homes that have proven to be capable of responsibly containing/managing an intact dog may keep their dog intact indefinitely if they wish so long as the dog never contributes to a breeding (separate agreement).

$3,000 USD


We usually find 1-3 Co-Own homes for each litter we have & priority is given to these homes. Breeder retains full or partial breeding rights to puppy. New owner can be as involved or uninvolved as they want. Each co-ownership agreement is unique and tailored to fit each home's wants/needs. There are health testing, titling, and general ethics requirements that may be fulfilled by the Breeder, Owner, or both.

This is how we keep our breeding program alive for generations to come - we personally value keeping our dogs in our home as our pets, which means we must find great homes for the puppies that we think could help shape our program's future in the right direction.

Co-Own is a wonderful opportunity for someone who wants to get into responsibly breeding American Bullies but doesn't know where to start and wants a mentor OR for owners that just want a wonderful pet and take pride in helping us get closer to our goal by allowing us to occasionally borrow their dog for extensive health testing, training/titling, and possibly breeding down the road.

$3,000 USD


We do not advertise or search for these homes, but will entertain the idea with a perfect fit. Buyer purchases full breeding rights to a puppy to breed the dog as they see fit with no restrictions. To date we have never sold a puppy on a Full Rights contract, but we are open to the idea with the right Owner. There would still be ethics, health testing and titling requirements but the Owner would have the freedom to breed the dog as they see fit once general pre-breeding responsibilities have been fulfilled.

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ALL Owners from every type of ownership agreement are encouraged to get involved in sports & shows with their dogs! It is a great avenue to bond with your pet.  There is no additional fee/stipulation that comes along with someone wanting to show or compete with their dog in any way. We will do our best to help coach and help you along whatever path you choose to take with your dog - from sharing knowledge we have about training the sport competitively with our own dogs, putting you in touch with trainers in the area, or finding local events/clubs to get involved with. We want to see our puppies out doing things!

Learn more about Canine Sports here.

Once selected to be a future home for one of our puppies, we will send you the contract for you to review and get comfortable with. After receiving the signed contract back, we will request that a 20% holding deposit be made ($600 USD) to hold your spot for a puppy. These links will be sent out in the order of approved applications suitable to the unique litter. The deposit must be received within 48 hours of the link being sent. The remainder owing is to be paid by the time the puppies reach 6 weeks of age at the latest. All payments can be made via PayPal or eTransfer for Canadian residents.

Due to the overwhelming majority of our puppy owners and interested applicants living in the USA, we keep our prices in USD to keep things easy. The Canadian exchange rates change daily, but on average $3,000 USD is approximately $3,850 CAD. We do not "upcharge" for colour, markings, gender, parents, or contract type.

Puppies will be placed in the order the Breeder makes, NOT in the order of applications received. There is no such thing as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc puppies here - the way we do it, everyone gets their "1st pick" for their wants, needs and lifestyle. This is done to ensure that puppies get the absolute best homes possible based on their individual temperaments.


These choices are made AFTER we have completed our 3rd party APET Temperament Evaluations and Conformation Evaluations. We use the results from these evaluations to pair each puppy with the perfect home for them and vice versa - though we appreciate that people may have colour preferences, it would be irresponsible for us to home a puppy based on colour/markings alone if it is not the best fit for the lifestyle/wants/needs of the owner (for example - a high energy dog in the colour they want, being homed to a family whose lifestyle strictly accommodates a low energy dog only).

Learn more about APET Temperament Evaluations here.


Having colour preferences is absolutely fine, but just be aware that it may take a little longer to find the perfect puppy for you if you are unwilling to budge on the colour. We understand that this is different than the vast majority of breeders in our breed, and it is for good reason...this is a 10+ year commitment on both ends of the leash and it is our responsibility as a responsible Breeder to do everything in our power to set both of you up for success!


& Payment


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