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Kali has a soft but feisty, no-quit attitude that is hilarious to watch and she is loyal to her core. She is extremely agile, athletic and talented and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for her and her progeny. Kali came to us from Hammerline Kennels in Missouri, USA. She is currently the most health tested female American Bully to date and has passed every single test we have thrown at her, which is a huge accomplishment for the breed! We are incredibly proud of her.

Kali has done nothing but make us proud every time we enter her in a sport, whether its rally obedience or weight pull, she pulls out all the stops and always makes us look good. We are proud of her accomplishments, but still very excited to see what the future has in store for her!

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Kali is very proportionate, extremely functional and built to last. Her eyes are a deep brown and she carries beautiful white markings on her face, neck, chest and all four feet. One of my favorite attributes of hers are her shoulders - structure specifics aside, I just love the way they "pop" from the front! Overall Kali is put together extremely well, and it shows when you see her move. She is extremely light on her feet, very agile and moves with purpose - there is no wasting of energy with her, she makes every step and movement count! We get body workers (osteopath, massage therapist, etc.) out for our dogs as we feel that is an important part of keeping a canine athlete happy - bumps, bruises, trips and compensations are all part of the program when exercising your dogs heavily, but get this...we have NEVER been charged for someone to work on Kali. In fact, we have had multiple people sit in awe over how sound and "happy" her body is, she has even been used as an example dog to students where the instructor said "you will likely never feel a dog like this again, but THIS is what we are trying to make dogs feel like when they come to see us." She may not be the most impressive "wow" factor looking dog out there, but she is absolutely built to last and with structural integrity and longevity being a pinnacle of our program, we are extremely thankful to have Kali in our program.

Height = 17"

Head = 18"

Weight = 45lbs Conditioned, 50lbs Pet Weight


Kali's personality is probably my favorite thing about her. She really works her butt off to please her human and she will do just about anything for a treat. She is extremely easy to train and she can pick up a new trick very quickly. Always up for an adventure or a snuggle, she doesn't complain either way and is just happy to be here. She is very playful and extremely easy going with humans, dogs, puppies, cats, livestock, and everything in between. She is our "do anything" dog in every sense of the word. We have placed Kali with friends while out on vacation and she integrates into their lifestyle with their dogs without so much as a hiccup - she truly makes friends everywhere she goes, human and dog alike. Kali is our designated "puppy sitter" and loves taking on the role whenever we give her the opportunity. She is very appropriate with her interactions and we love that she teaches our puppies about what clear, appropriate canine communication looks like, as American Bullies tend to suck at that. She is genuinely a real pleasure to own and hang out with.


One would probably assume that she is high drive based on her accomplishments and how much she excels at literally everything we put her in...but that is not the case. Her work ethic makes up for her lower energy/drive and she brings a very competitive edge to everything she does. She is a rock solid obedience dog and then can turn around and put in tons of effort on the weight pull track or anything we throw her way. With her high drive to please and no-quit attitude, she is super fun and competitive in sports and we can't wait to add more titles to her resume!



Kali is on deck to be bred in Spring of 2024 - check out the details here.

This will likely be her retirement (last) breeding.

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Kali has competed and/or trained in the following:


Rally Obedience

Weight Pulll

Scent Detection/Nose Work
Barn Hunt

Dock Dive

Lure Course

Wall Climb

Trick Dog

Stunt Dog

Canine Parkour

Lure Course


  • Qualified "Bronze" (3rd) in Region on Wheels for 2023 International Weight Pull Association Championships

  • Qualified "Gold" (1st) in Region on Snow for 2021 International Weight Pull Association Championships

  • Qualified "Gold" (1st) in Region on Snow for 2020 International Weight Pull Association Championships

  • Qualified "Silver" (2nd) in Region on Wheels for 2020 International Weight Pull Association Championships

  • Earned "2020 Rookie of the Year" with Western Canada Pull Club

  • Multiple Perfect Scores in both Rally Obedience & Companion Tests

  • 2nd American Bully to earn TD-ROM

  • Earned RL1 & RL3 with "Award of Excellence" with WCRL Rally Obedience

  • Ranked #8 in 2022 Canada Rankings with WCRL

  • Ranked #3 in 2021 Canada Rankings with WCRL

  • Ranked #6 in 2020 Canada Rankings with WCRL

  • Ranked #15 in 2020 RL1 Rankings Worldwide with WCRL

  • Invited to 2021 NADD Regionals based on High Score in both Dock Jumping & Hydrodash


**Kali is currently one of the most Health Tested American Bullies to date

AND has passed every test she has taken!**

OFA Hips - Good  (2019)
OFA Elbows - Normal  (2019)

OFA Shoulders - Normal  (2018)
OFA Cardiac - Normal  (2018)

OFA Advanced Cardiac - Normal  (2019)

Advanced Cardiac [Holter]  - Normal (2020)

OFA Eyes - Normal  (2019)

OFA Patella - Normal  (2018)

OFA Thyroid - Normal  (2018)

OFA Trachea - Normal  (2019)

OFA Dentition - Normal  (2019)

OFA Kidney - Normal  (2019)

PawPrint NCL-A - Normal/Clear

Embark - Test Carrier (not at risk) of Progressive Retinal Atrophy cord4/1 & Clear of all other 160+ Genetic Diseases including:

  • Canine Multifocal Retinopathy

  • Degenerative Myleopathy

  • Hereditary Cataracts, Early-Onset Cataracts, Juvenile Cataracts

  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 1, Cerebellar Ataxia (NCL-A)

  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 10

  • Malignant Hyperthermia

  • Hyperuricosuria & Hyperuricemia or Urolithiasis

All health test results are available online. If we are not the breeder for you that is perfectly fine, but make sure that you "fact check" your future breeder to make sure that they are not using fancy words or lying about their dog's tests. Ask to see the links to their results as well as photos of their certificates from the company! Any responsible breeder will be happy to provide these things.

Kali's OFA Link

Kali's Embark Link

Kali's PawPrint Link


"BCBullies Blue Iron Ellie" - Female - Born June 2019

Woodsie x Kali 

OFA Hips - Good (2021)

OFA Elbows - Normal (2021)

OFA Cardiac Prelim - Normal (2019)

Advanced Cardiac [Holter] - Normal (2020)

Thyroid Panel - Normal (2021)

OFA Link



SPOT-ON A Perfect Score in the Socialized Pet Obedience Test through UKC

CGN Canine Good Neighbor with CKC

SAFEDOG1 Basic Behavior/Training Test through ADBA

SAFEDOG2 Advanced Temperament Test through ADBA

NTD Novice Trick Dog

NTD-M Novice Trick Dog Masters

ITD Intermediate Trick Dog

ATD -  Advanced Trick Dog

TD-19  Trick Dog Quarantine Specialty through SunDog

TD-19H  Trick Dog Quarantine Specialty Honors through SunDog

2K9 2K9 Ruff Run through DMWYD

WDX -  "Working Dog Excellent" on Wheels through IWPA
WDS (x3) "Working Dog Superior" on Wheels through IWPA

STAR2 - 200 STAR Points through APA
RL1 Rally Obedience Level 1 + Award of Excellence through WCRL

RL1X (x2) - Rally Obedience Level 1 Champion through WCRL

RL2 Rally Obedience Level 1 through WCRL

RL2X - Rally Obedience Level 2 Champion through WCRL

RL3 - Rally Obedience Level 3 + Award of Excellence through WCRL

ARCH All Rally Champion through WCRL (multi-level)

ARCHX All Rally Champion Excellent through WCRL (multi-level)

TD-ROM Trick Dog Register of Merit

DN Dock Novice with NADD
**Pointed in IWPA Weight Pull, APA Weight Pull, UKC Conformation, UKC Rally Obedience, WCRL Rally Obedience, BHA Barn Hunt & NADD Dock Diving**

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