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Don't Bully My Breed Decal

Don't Bully My Breed Decal


"Don't Bully My Breed" Woodsie Decal - 6", 9" or 12" Long


Vibrant, Unique, Weatherproof & Durable.

This image was designed off of Woodsie's head - it is completely custom and unique to Woodsie! It is also a protected image - so please don't try to steal it!



Please Note - Our system does not allow us to post enough photos to show what each decal looks like in each colour available. Click here to view our collage of decal options.

  • Application Instructions

    Always make sure that the surface you are applying your decal to is clean, free of dust, and dry! This will help ensure a good bonding surface so that your sticker stays put.

    How To Apply:
    1. Prep the Surface with Rubbing Alcohol 
    2. Use a Credit Card and press firmly on the Decal to ensure it is sticking well to the Transfer Paper (the clear top layer)
    3. Carefully Peel the White Backing Off - do this very slowly so it stays on the Transfer Paper
    4. Apply the Decal to your Prepped Surface, Pressing Firmly with a Credit Card
    5. Run a Credit Card Firmly over the Decal multiple times to ensure a good bond
    6. Slowly Remove the Transfer Paper. Be Careful to not Pull the Decal from the Surface - if it starts pulling, Repeat Step 5.
    7. Step Back & Admire Your Sweet New Decal!

    HAND WASH your Decal Surface Only! This will help it look brand new longer and will prevent any pulling at the edges. If you have applied it to a mug or something that is not a perfectly flat surface, give your decal a couple days to cure before washing.

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