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Willow is a goofy girl in a body builder exterior. She is extremely friendly with everyone she meets and has a very laid back personality. She is extremely agile, athletic and talented. We purchased Willow from Dark Water Bullies in Washington, USA in June of 2019 at 2 years of age - it was a rocky road at the start where she tried literally dying on us (freak thing called intussusception which resulted in her losing 12" of her intestine), but we truly couldn't imagine our lives without her. She is just starting to tap into her potential in sports and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for her!

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Willow is very proportionate, extremely functional and built to last. She has dense bone and heavy muscling over her entire body regardless of her exercise routine.  She definitely commands attention wherever she goes - typically due to her intensely muscular stature (but if not then for her adorable personality). Her eyes are a deep brown and she carries beautiful white markings on her face, neck, chest, belly and all four feet. One of my favorite attributes of hers is her adorable face - she is so expressive and those almond shaped eyes get me every time! She has a very nicely angled front assembly, tight little cat feet and a very nicely angled rear all wrapped in one perfectly functional package.

Height = 20"

Head = 20"

Weight = 65lbs Conditioned


Willow's personality is what really makes her stand out to everyone she meets. She loves anyone and everyone that offers her a pet and will absolutely soak up all the attention that she can get. She is very food motivated and willing to learn, but is very laid back and I would rate her the lowest energy out of all of our dogs. Willow is friendly with strangers, kids, dogs and puppies. She loves taking over the "auntie" roll when we have puppies in the house and will spend all day rolling around and playing with them if we let her. She is incredibly goofy and rarely is a serious dog. Despite her "lets lay down and snuggle all day" temperament in the house, she really brings the heat in sports. She is just beginning to tap into her potential on the weight pull track, and we are super excited to see how she does with some more practicing at dock dive. She has done formal rally obedience training as well, and did her first competition in Fall of 2021.



Willow is on deck to be bred in Spring/Summer of 2024 - check out the details here.

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Willow has competed and/or trained in the following:

Rally Obedience

Weight Pulll

Scent Detection/Nose Work
Barn Hunt

Dock Dive

Lure Course

Trick Dog

Lure Course


  • Ranked #19 in 2021 Canada Rankings with WCRL (all breed)

  • Qualified "Bronze" in Region on Wheels for 2020 International Weight Pull Association Championships


OFA Hips - Excellent (2020)
OFA Elbows  - Normal (2020)

OFA Shoulders - Normal  (2019)

OFA Cardiac - Normal  (2019)
OFA Advanced Cardiac [Holter] - Normal (2020)

OFA Thyroid - Normal (2020)

OFA Trachea - Normal (2020)

OFA Patella - Normal  (2019)

OFA Kidney - Normal (2020)

PawPrint NCL-A - Normal/Clear

Embark - Tested as a Carrier (not at risk) of PRA & Clear of all other 160+ Genetic Diseases including:

  • Canine Multifocal Retinopathy

  • Degenerative Myleopathy

  • Hereditary Cataracts, Early-Onset Cataracts, Juvenile Cataracts

  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 1, Cerebellar Ataxia (NCL-A)

  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 10

  • Malignant Hyperthermia

  • Hyperuricosuria & Hyperuricemia or Urolithiasis

All health test results are available online. If we are not the breeder for you that is perfectly fine, but make sure that you "fact check" your future breeder to make sure that they are not using fancy words or lying about their dog's tests. Ask to see the links to their results as well as photos of their certificates from the company! Any responsible breeder will be happy to provide these things.

Willow's OFA Link

Willow's Embark Link


Check back once her first litter turns 2 years of age - August 17, 2020

BCBullies "Ronin" - Male - Born August 2020

Woodsie x Willow

Embark Genetic Disease Panel - Clear of all Diseases



SPOT Socialized Pet Obedience Test with UKC

CGN Canine Good Neighbor Test with CKC

NTD Novice Trick Dog

ITD Intermediate Trick Dog

ATD -  Advanced Trick Dog

TD-19  Trick Dog Quarantine Specialty through SunDog

TD-19H  Trick Dog Quarantine Specialty Honors through SunDog

2K9 2K9 Ruff Run through DMWYD

DN -  Dock Novice with NADD

**Pointed in IWPA Weight Pull, APA Weight Pull & WCRL Rally Obedience**

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