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Woodsie is a 9 year old male American Bully - in addition to him being our foundation stud, he is also the one that started it all for us with American Bullies. He has a hilarious, goofy, sweet personality and always want to please. He also survived being shot in the head with a hunting rifle about a week before I got him and he lived with the bullet in his head for about 10 months! He has a ton of enthusiasm to learn & please, which makes learning new tricks or trying new sports a breeze. He is truly beautiful inside and out!

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Even when he is a couch potato for an extended period of time, he still looks like he "lifts" every day (thank you genetics!). His eyes are orange/brown with a blue ring around the outside, and he dawns a large white marking on his chest that reaches all the way up to his chin, as well as a snip of white on the tip of his nose and the tips of his front paws. He has a short back, "chubby" cat feet and a long straight tail. He has a clean bite, a well angled front and rear, is well balanced, and overall brings a lot to the table structurally.

Height = 19"

Head = 23"

Weight = 65lbs Conditioned to 75lbs Pet Weight


If I had to explain Woodsie in two words it would be: enthusiastic and happy. Woodsie's temperament and personality is my favourite thing about him, and most people that meet him would say the same. His temperament is that of a big, muscular teddy bear - he is friendly with strangers, kids, dogs, cats, livestock, and everything in between. He is very friendly with strangers and is never hesitant or standoffish, but his main priority is sniffing to see where you have been followed closely by presenting himself for butt scratches. The girl dogs run the show around here, and Woodsie doesn't complain. He is steady and safe around puppies from all ages, and actually used to be a "dog park dog" back in his younger days where he has met easily hundreds, if not thousands of dogs of all varieties. His tail is ALWAYS wagging - something that every judge he has shown under has commented on. In conformation most dogs tend to be kinda glum looking and plod around, while Woodsie enters with pep in his step and a constantly wagging tail. Our breed standard does call for "exhibiting confidence with a zest and exuberance for life" which Woodsie definitely brings everywhere he goes. He has incredible patience and impulse control, and is an extremely easy stud dog to manage in a home with intact females - something not many can say, but we sure do appreciate!

Don't let his kind, happy-go-lucky demeanor fool you though - he is more than willing to work and has plenty of enthusiasm when requested. He is an extremely fast learner and will do just about anything for a treat. I can usually have him solid on a new trick within 10 minutes. He is extremely confident and nothing ever seems to phase him. Barn Hunt is probably his favourite sport - he can sniff them out rapidly and loves enthusiastically searching for them under bales. He started Lure Course, Wall Climb & Slat Mill Race at the ripe age of 7 years old and took to it like nothing. He climbed 6ft on the wall on his second session, he will run the lure as long as I let him, and he got the slats going 60km/h on his first time up. After practicing each 2-3 times, he went to the Summer Games and won the Top Dog event, which is a combined score between wall climb, lure course & slat mill. In the last year he has really started pushing himself in weight pull as well, and at 7 years old he pulled his personal best of 2,100lbs while at an ADBA competition in Vancouver, BC - earning himself some points, 1st place in his weight division, and 2nd overall for the 45-75lb class against some really tough dogs. We are still actively working towards new titles, new sports, and new skills with him and he loves every minute of it!



Woodsie is OPEN to Health Tested females.

If you are interested in using him, we advise you contact us ASAP as we keep his breeding's extremely limited and prefer to have things mapped out in advance. Please contact us here and include some information about your female, current or future health testing or titles if applicable, as well as your goals/ideas for the breeding.

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Woodsie has competed and/or trained in the following:


Rally Obedience

Weight Pull

Scent Detection/Nose Work

Barn Hunt

Dock Dive

Slat Mill

Lure Course

Wall Climb

Trick Dog

Stunt Dog

Canine Parkour

Lure Course


  • #11 dog in the 2021 Canada WCRL Rankings (all breed)

  • #12 dog in the 2020 Canada WCRL Rankings (all breed)

  • Multiple UKC "Total Dog" Awarded

  • Multiple UKC "Best in Breed" Winner

  • Qualified for UKC's First Ever Total Dog Invitational

  • Earned "RL1 with Award of Excellence" with WCRL Rally Obedience

  • First American Bully to earn Trick Dog Register of Merit (TD-ROM)

  • First American Bully to earn Novice & Intermediate Trick Dog Masters Titles (NTD-M & ITD-M)

  • First American Bully stud to earn Stunt Dog Champion Title

  • First American Bully stud to earn Trick Dog Champion Title

  • Most Health Tested American Bully to date


OFA Hips - Excellent (2018)

Pennhip - 0.44/0.49 No Osteoarthritis or Cavitation present (Dec 2020)

OFA Shoulders - Normal (2019)

OFA Cardiac - Normal (2018)

OFA Advanced Cardiac - Normal  (2019)

Advanced Cardiac [Holter] - Normal (2020)

OFA Trachea - Normal  (2019)

OFA Patella - Normal  (2018)

OFA Thyroid - Normal  (2018)

OFA Eyes - Normal  (2019)

OFA Dentition - Normal (2021)

OFA Hearing - Normal (2021)

PawPrint NCL-A - Normal/Clear

Embark - Clear of all 160+ Genetic Diseases including:

  • Canine Multifocal Retinopathy

  • Degenerative Myleopathy

  • Hereditary Cataracts, Early-Onset Cataracts, Juvenile Cataracts

  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 1, Cerebellar Ataxia (NCL-A)

  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 10

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy

  • Malignant Hyperthermia

  • Hyperuricosuria & Hyperuricemia or Urolithiasis

All health test results are available online. If we are not the breeder for you that is perfectly fine, but make sure that you "fact check" your future breeder to make sure that they are not using fancy words or lying about their dog's tests. Ask to see the links to their results as well as photos of their certificates from the company! Any responsible breeder will be happy to provide these things.

Woodsie's OFA Link

Woodsie's Embark Link

Woodsie's PawPrint Link


"Hollywood Blue Ice Meka" - Female - Born March 2016

Singleton puppy from Woodsie's first outside breeding

OFA Hips - Good (2019)

OFA Elbows - Normal (2019)

OFA Link

"BCBullies Blue Iron Ellie" - Female - Born June 2019

Woodsie x Kali 

OFA Hips - Good (2021)

OFA Elbows - Normal (2021)

OFA Cardiac Prelim - Normal (2019)

Advanced Cardiac [Holter] - Normal (2020)

Thyroid Panel - Normal

OFA Link

"BCBullies Crushin' On Tito" - Male - Born August 2020

Woodsie x Willow

OFA Cardiac - Normal (2022)

OFA Cardiac Prelim - Normal (2020)

OFA Patella - Normal

OFA Dentition - Normal

Embark - Clear

OFA Link

"PB/BCBullies Brick By Brick" - Male - Born April 2021

Woodsie x Breezy

OFA Hips - Good

Pennhip - 0.50/0.53, No OA or Cavitation

OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA Shoulders - Normal

OFA Patella - Normal

OFA Spine - Normal

OFA Trachea - Normal

OFA Dentition - Normal

OFA Hearing - Normal

OFA Cardiac - Normal (2022)

OFA DNA Data Bank - Done

OFA Link

"Purity Bulls Savage Unicorn" - Female - Born April 2021

Woodsie x Breezy

OFA Hips Prelim - Fair (2022)
OFA Elbows Prelim - Normal (2022)

OFA Patella - Normal

OFA Eyes - Normal

OFA Shoulders - Normal

OFA Trachea - Normal

OFA Spine - Normal

OFA Link

"BMB Show No Mercy" - Female - Born June 2021

Woodsie x Hazel

Pennhip - 0.52/0.47, No OA or Cavitation

OFA Patella - Normal

OFA Trachea - Normal

OFA Dentition - Normal

OFA Cardiac - Normal (2022)

OFA Link



CH - Conformation Champion title through UKC

URO1 Rally Obedience 1 through UKC

SPOT Socialized Pet Obedience Test through UKC
CGN Canine Good Citizen Test through CKC

SAFEDOG1 Basic Behavior/Training Test through ADBA

SAFEDOG2 Advanced Temperament Test through ADBA

NTD Novice Trick Dog

NTD-M Novice Trick Dog Masters
ITD Intermediate Trick Dog

ITD-M Intermediate Trick Dog Masters
ATD -  Advanced Trick Dog

ETD Expert Trick Dog

TDCH Trick Dog Champion

CCF1 -  Canine Conditioning Level 1

CCF2 -  Canine Conditioning Level 2

NSD Novice Stunt Dog

OSD Open Stunt Dog

PSD Proven Stunt Dog

SDPro  Stunt Dog Professional

SDCH  Stunt Dog Champion

TC1 Triple Crown 1

TC2 Triple Crown 2

PKQT1  Parkour Quarantine Specialty Level 1 through IDPA

TD-19  Trick Dog Quarantine Specialty through SunDog

TD-19H  Trick Dog Quarantine Specialty Honors through SunDog
RL1 Rally Obedience 1 + Award of Excellence through WCRL

RL1X (x2) Rally Obedience 1 Champion through WCRL

RL2 Rally Obedience 2 through WCRL

RL2Rally Obedience 2 Champion through WCRL

RL3 Rally Obedience 3 through WCRL

ARCH All Rally Champion through WCRL (multi-level)

TD-ROM - Trick Dog Register of Merit

WD - Working Dog through IWPA

CASP - Classic All Stars Performer with UCAS

MASP - Manners All Stars Performer with UCAS

FASP - Fun All Stars Performer with UCAS

MTASP - Masters All Stars Performer with UCAS

SASFD - Strength All Stars Fit Dog with UCAS

BASFD - Balance All Stars Fit Dog with UCAS

CASFD - Coordination All Stars Fit Dog with UCAS

MTASFD - Masters All Stars Fit Dog with UCAS

HASA - Home All Stars Acrobat with UCAS

RATI - Rat Instinct with BHA

AA1 Animal Actor Level 1

BTC Beat the Clock Specialty

**Pointed in APA Weight Pull, IWPA Weight Pull, ADBA Weight Pull, UKC Rally Obedience, WCRL Rally Obedience, CWAGS Scentwork & BHA Barn Hunt**

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