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BCBullies Blue Iron Ellie 


Coming off of two beautifully put together parents who balanced each other very well physically, we fall in love with Ellie a little more each time we visit with her because she just keeps getting better and better! Ellie is goofy more often than not, but takes her jobs seriously and has a work ethic similar to her mom Kali. She is super fun to work with and is overall a total pleasure to have around the house!

Birthdate - June 1, 2019




Kalifornia's Iron Hammer SPOT-ON ATD WDS TD-19H RL1 NTD-M TD-ROM DN


Ellie is very proportionate, functional and quick on her feet. Her eyes are a deep brown and she carries beautiful white markings on her face, neck, chest and all four feet. One of my favorite attributes of hers is her overall balance - she floats around & moves with such ease she often makes our other dogs like they are standing still. 

Height = 16" at shoulder

Weight = 45lbs in shape


Ellie is a total love bug with her humans and regularly invades our space demanding to be scratched, patted and loved on. She is naturally drawn to her humans and enjoys spending time with us regardless of how exciting or boring we may be. She is loyal to her core and will stick by her person no matter what. She is goofy more often than not, but takes her "jobs" seriously and has a work ethic very similar to her mom Kali. She is super fun to work with and is overall a total pleasure to have around the house.

She is crate trained and loves her crate, but she can absolutely be trusted to hang out with the house to herself while at work without issues. We often refer to her as being "like a cat" in the home - she is quiet and is most concerned about finding a cozy spot to snuggle up in rather than finding toys to keep herself occupied. She does not have any separation anxiety and is fine hanging by herself.

She will do just about anything for a ChuckIt ball and will play fetch for as long as you let her. She is EXTREMELY smart and a very quick learner. Because of this, earning performance titles with her under judges was a total breeze. She has done formal weight pull training, rally obedience training and completed/graduated a scent work program. She also has 2/3 legs towards the highest IWPA (International Weight Pull Association) title available - Working Dog Superior (WDS) on wheels, as well as 2/4 legs towards her IWPA Working Dog (WD) title on snow. 



OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA Cardiac - Normal  (Prelim) - Tested at 2 months old

Advanced Cardiac [Holter] - Normal (Prelim) - Tested at 11.5 months old

Thyroid Panel - Normal



NTD Novice Trick Dog

ITD Intermediate Trick Dog

ATD Advanced Trick Dog
RL1 Rally Obedience 1 through WCRL


Ellie does not need to be a sport dog - she would be perfectly content playing ball in the backyard or house as a form of primary exercise. If someone wants to do some sport/training programs or haul her to competitions a few times a year she would love that, but she does not need to do these things to be happy. They are just fun outlets for her that she has easily excelled at.

Quiet and predictable home life is a must. She does not like surprises so a relatively consistent, uneventful (some might call "boring") quiet home life is super ideal for her. This also means no children (as they are full of surprises). Preferably no other dogs to prevent the possibility of an issue down the road, but that being said she does get along fabulously with all of the dogs in our home (Woodsie, Kali, Willow & Brick) so it could be up for discussion.

Must be willing to work with a trainer to avoid issues developing. Ellie is extremely smart, well trained and overall a super pleasurable dog to be around but her not liking surprises can turn into negative reactions if she is set up for failure repeatedly. Her new home will have to get familiar with her body language so they can make sure that they are not unintentionally stressing her out and putting her in situations constantly that she does not enjoy. We have tons of resources to share on all topics regarding dogs and will be working on videos starring Ellie in the coming weeks.

Ellie will be available on a PET HOME CONTRACT only. This means that she is not allowed to be used for breeding under any circumstances - though she checks almost all of the boxes we search for in a breeding dog, our primary concern is finding her a fabulous home that loves her for her goofy personality. The pet home contract is laid out with the intention of protecting the dog for their lifetime, and includes lifetime breeder & training support for the new owner.




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