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Rue is our "first round draft pick" from our Alcohol litter (Woodsie x Willow). She definitely still thinks she is a puppy and makes us all laugh constantly with her goofy antics. We are super excited to watch her continue to mature.

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Rue is a big girl - already reaching XL height requirements at just 12 months of age, her legs are also as thick as Woodsie's and her head is as big as Willow's. She is a total package structurally and we are so excited to see how she continues developing! She is "blue seal" in colour with a white chest, feet, nose, forehead and chin.

Height = 19"

Weight = 55lbs


Rue is very much a "please love and snuggle me forever" type of dog, much like her dam Willow. She is goofy, funny, and always seems to find a way to keep the humans around her laughing. She is extremely biddable and quick learning which is a trait we hope to keep in all of our dogs.

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Rue is still "a baby" and is a hopeful prospect - check back once she is 24+ months of age! (Fall 2022)



OFA Cardiac Prelim - Normal (2020)

Pennhip, OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, OFA Shoulders, OFA Trachea, OFA Patella will be done later this year at 24+ months of age.

All health test results are available online. If we are not the breeder for you that is perfectly fine, but make sure that you "fact check" your future breeder to make sure that they are not using fancy words or lying about their dog's tests. Ask to see the links to their results as well as photos of their certificates from the company! Any responsible breeder will be happy to provide these things.


NTD Novice Trick Dog

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